My Words Became my Armor

My Words Became my Armor

The way I used to talk to myself was not your ordinary conversation.  My words would be filled with worry, self-doubt, “I can’t,” “I am not good enough,” and unfortunately the list can go on…

I realized that the mind, the words, and the conversations that I had with myself were a powerful thing.  It can take total control of how you see your life and the world, in either a positive or negative light.  I started thinking to myself there has to be another way. If I can think this way then I definitely can change my mind to think more positive. Right? Why not!

That is when affirmations entered my life. I remember I didn’t quite understand what Affirmation meant.  What are affirmations? How do you use them? And how would they play a major role in my life?

Affirmation means the process or action of affirming something; emotional support or encouragement.  

Affirmations have become a major part of my life and I have seen my life completely transform. I started speaking to myself in a loving manner, in a way that made me realize that I was my biggest cheerleader.  It takes practice and dedication to affirm yourself daily, especially when for so long you were doing the exact opposite. It is literally an exercise for the mind.

In writing my book Armor of Words Book of Affirmation - Words to Live By Book, I encourage my readers to have their words be an Armor that shields them from negativity, and self doubt.  It is a book of encouragement and affirmations. The Armor of Words Affirmation Cards complement the book and follows the same affirmations, but also have workouts on the cards so that my supporters are not only focusing on the mental and spiritual side, but also the physical aspect of themselves as well.

There are a few different ways to utilize the Armor of Words book and Affirmation Cards:

  • Use it daily - Affirming yourself daily is something that will help train your mind to manifest and believe in your words; the more you affirm, the stronger the mind becomes
  • Use it once a week to start off your week - Pick a word and affirmation for the week to focus on and meditate on what it means to you for that week and how you will utilize it in your life.
  • Have it in the car, desk, or purse as a quick reminder - Carry the book and/or the cards with you at all times to stay encouraged and inspired.
  • Hang up the cards on the mirror or wall to see daily - If you are a visual person, you can hang the affirmation cards on your mirror or throughout your house so that the affirmations are always subconsciously in your mind
  • Have an accountability partner - Find someone that you can do affirmations with and who will keep you accountable. Text each other, meetup to discuss, create a journal, or have a book club to make sure that everyone is affirming their mind.

These are just the few ways to utilize the Armor of Words Book and Affirmation Cards, and the cool part is that these are actually some of the ways that my supporters utilize the cards.

As we come to an end to this blog, I want to leave you with an affirmation, repeat 5 times:

“Divine Favor is all over my life.  I am worthy of all of the love and blessings that are flowing into my life. I love life and life loves me back.”

Talk soon!

Brit Lashae


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I encourage you to grab your copy and let’s start affirming our minds!


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Hey Brit, God is so good and true. He’s always sending a ram in the bush (YOU) when I’m goin through noe lie. I said some things today, this morning out of my mouth and here you come with this email telling me to affirm basically positive & good things!! So again as always thank you SOOOO much. For opening up my eye at the moment when they are closed. 💜


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