The Story Behind the Statement Collection

The Statement Collection by Brit Lashae is the go-to Statement Bags, Totes, & Apparel For Daring, Brave, and Beautiful women. These signature collections honor women who have taken courageous steps to be the best, most authentic version of themselves.

(Here's a hand clap for you sis!)

The mission of The Statement Collection is to celebrate & promote boldness in mental wellness and authenticity for women. These collections are made to celebrate self-growth, empower women to positively affirm themselves every single day, make a BOLD statement, and honor their most authentic selves. Through our handbags, totes, and apparel, I want you to give yourself permission to make a statement to be all that you can be, unapologetically.

Celebration of a Woman’s Evolution (Problem & Solution)

Here’s the problem: One of the things that I have noticed is that there isn’t a bag option in the market that affirms a woman's evolution and self-growth. Current bag options don’t acknowledge and celebrate the inner work that women do to heal themselves, or remind women of how powerful their authenticity is. At Brit Lashae, we are re-imagining what our essential handbag accessory looks like. With our statement collections, we are celebrating women and reminding them how they have shown up for themselves

Each collection represents a different narrative and positive statement that honors and celebrates authenticity, bravery, boldness, and self-growth. The first statement collection that we will be releasing is titled, Loyal.

Loyal stands for Loving Over Your Amazing Life™️.  With this collection, we want women to celebrate and be LOYAL to their most BOLD authentic self, their self-care, the boundaries that they have set for themselves without any guilt, and the life that they are creating that makes it an amazing life for them.

The Founder’s Story

Hi, my name is Brit Lashae and I’m the founder of The Statement Collection by Brit Lashae. I am proud to own Brit Lashae because this brand is a representation of my healing. I dealt with depression for 12 years due to abuse, perfectionism, guilt, and anxiety. In 2017, I decided to heal, go back to therapy, and began working with the power of positive affirmation to help change my inner narrative. I know firsthand how life-changing choosing to heal and taking the steps to be the best version of yourself can be, which is why I’ve spent the past few years helping hundreds of women start their inner healing journey and elevate their mindset through my positive affirmations, my book & workbooks, and me just sharing my personal story.

I want the women that I am called to impact to know that "The Statement Collection" is not just any collection but a celebratory collection that puts a spotlight on women who have made the bold and courageous steps to be the best version of themselves through inner work because it is not easy. I don’t think it is talked about enough how after you heal, overcome a specific situation, or are whole in an area of your life, how you have to continuously choose that lifestyle and maintain your new mindset. I want women to be free and authentic to who they are behind what everyone else may think!

So, it is now time to celebrate all the inner work that has been done, and I want to do it through a bigger statement – like my statement collection –  that reminds women every day how bold and beautiful they are. You are worth being celebrated.


Brit Lashae


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