The Story Behind Brit Lashae

“Finding My Way” 
The story behind Brit Lashae is one built on life lessons, inspiration, authenticity, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of women who are in a space of faith, inner healing, and ready to share their stories. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my story, and what has been my personal journey in life?” “Do I believe that my story is worth telling?”, “Who can my story impact?” Let me tell you, my journey of becoming a writer, author, and opening up my business has not been easy but I will say that it has made my life more meaningful. My journey started in 2017 when I started my inner healing journey from abuse, depression, anxiety, guilt, and perfectionism. By creating an idea on how I wanted to make a difference in the life that I was living and also inspire others, I started a T-shirt line called “BnPowered”- the motto was, your life is worth living, why not make it worth telling. This also served as an inspirational site where I could provide weekly encouragement videos sharing my story as an introduction to who I am and the journey I was about to embark on. In addition to the T-shirt line and videos, I tried something new with fitness. I got my personal training license and started to create fitness plans for people. All of the excitement about where my business was headed, lead me to release my first book Armor of Words - Book of Affirmations, in 2018.
“The Journey Begins”
Armor of Words gave me the opportunity to really open up about my healing journey in 2019 as I was trying to figure out the next steps of where I really wanted to be with the different paths that I subjected myself to. So in the midst of this, I was led to write Inner Healing strategies and create 10-day challenges for women to help them along their journey. Soon after, I published my second book along with a workbook Triggered. This is when I truly started to feel God moving me in a new direction that I was trying to run away from. He started to make me uncomfortable with what I was sharing and the products I was creating, except for my books and workbooks. Fast forward to 2020, I was called to start my podcast Brit Lashae Speaks which has now transitioned to Hey Aspiring Author! At the beginning of Covid 19, March 2020, God made it very clear that it was time to pivot to open Journey Written and truly market my books that would help women with their inner healing. Journey Written would help others who are ready to release their testimony through book-writing and self-publishing.  
“Ready Set Go”
In September 2020, I officially opened Journey Written®️ a Book-Writing & Self-Publishing Company that specialized in publishing women's unique testimonies and stories with a companion workbook (study guide or guided journal) to help not only the writers but also other women heal and break their silence. The company showed women who are ready, how to write and release their testimony through Book Writing & Self-Publishing. Journey Written was an opportunity for women to break the silence and release, while also helping others. 
In November 2020, I released Journey Written, my memoir about my Faith, Obedience, & Execution journey. In sharing my story, other women have told me that they could relate to my words and story, and with me starting Journey Written, I wanted to inspire and help others publish their stories. 
Fast forward to March 2023, I felt another pivot coming and felt led to focus on book-writing coaching for women who are ready to write their memoir and put Journey Written on pause.
As you can see in my journey I have continued to get curious about my purpose and push through to become the woman I am today. It’s so beautiful to me how BnPowered turned into Journey Written which pivoted me into a book-writing coach for women. In BnPowered I always told people to BnPowered by their story, journey, and life -  that their story mattered, and if it was worth living then why not make it worth telling. This is still my motto to this day!
“Amplify your voice”
I want you to be empowered in knowing that your story, voice, and life matter, and provide you with three tips for amplifying your voice and releasing your story:
  1. Embrace your story - it is your story and your journey
  2. Have confidence in your own value - you bring a lot of value to the table and know that your story will help someone else
  3. Give yourself permission to be heard - unapologetically speak up one word at a time
“You have a story”
My mission is to help my writers write their stories with confidence, ease, and direction. I have a passion for helping women tell their stories and testimony and use their voices for impact. 
Always remember, Your story is worth being told!
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Wow thank you Aunt San! Love you to 🌹❤️

Brit Lashae

Britt I am so very proud of you I know your grandmother is looking down on you with the biggest smile, never give up on your dreams baby girl love you Aunt San

Aunt San

Hi Anastazija! It is so good to hear from you. I sent you a follow-up email. I look forward to connecting with you!

Brit Lashae

Hi Brit, How are you doing? We had an appointment a year ago, I am not sure if you’d remember, I was asking about the services you are providing. I am still interested to embark on the journey of publishing a book, so I wanted to ask, whether you still offer consultations? I was looking at the website, but I couldn’t any information on it. If not, I would love to ask about your services through email. Anyhow, I hope you are doing well and I am wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! Best, Anastazija


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Brit Lashae is an Author & Book-Writing Coach for female founders READY to tell their stories. She has a passion for helping women tell their story and testimony and use their voice for impact. Throughout the Blog she writes about Faith, Book-Writing, Self-Care, Life, and Balance!

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