Armor of Words Book of Affirmations Package with Affirmation Cards

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Armor of Words Book of Affirmations Package by Author Brit Lashae | Motivational Quote Book | Inspirational Quote Book | Words to Live By Book


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Author Brit LaShae takes you on a journey of daily affirmations and words to live by in this Armor of Words Book of Affirmations by Brit LaShae. With a focus on not only the power of positivity but also the words that go along with those healing thoughts of self-care, this 34-page book is an exploration into inspirational quotes that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to face whatever this life has to offer.

One of the most powerful things that we have is our thoughts, and this book of daily affirmations will help train your mind to think positively and proactively. To promote personal self-care, the author has harnessed the beauty of the written word and put it into a collection that will motivate you through life's battles and life's joys.

This self-care book is complete with the companion affirmation cards that also serve as a daily reminder. You can use these affirmation cards for on-the-go affirmation reminders and they also include workouts! This quote book is sure to leave you feeling that there is no mountain that you cannot climb with the power of positive thinking.

Each deck has 26 unique Affirmations and workouts, includes extra bonus cards with affirmations (total of 30 cards in each deck)

Order this package today to unleash the beauty of the inner you and enjoy a journey through the power of positive thinking!