Triggered Workbook | Mental Health Workbook | Inner Healing Workbook

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Triggered Workbook by Author Brit Lashae | Mental Health Workbook | Inner Healing Workbook | Self-Care Book


This must-have Workbook is not just for any woman, but the woman who is ready to uncover and heal from her emotional triggers - people, words, opinions, or situations that can take you from engaging in a friendly, normal discussion to BAM! ready to react to a situation in an instant.  This Inner Healing Workbook helps those feeling "triggered” explore these feelings and take control of their lives. With a focus on the fundamentals of healing your wounds, this workbook is more than just an exploration of healing.  It also helps you recognize your “inner hot buttons” and gives you the strength on how to handle them.

As you go through the Triggered Workbook Strategies, you'll discover:

📍 The 10 - Day Triggered Strategy - a challenge to gain clarity on what sets you off and where your triggers stem from

📍 The Ultimate Secrets 🤫 to Controlling Your Quick Reactions - and create healthy responses

📍 How to Track Your "Trigger" Trends ✍️ - and pinpoint why and how you react the way you do in certain situations 

📍 How to Break Down False Beliefs - and shift into a more positive mindset even when things aren't picture-perfect

📍 How to Declutter Your Emotional Bag - and let go of toxic relationships and environments 

And by the way - you will not just walk away with the strategy to uncover and manage your "hot buttons," but you will also have additional exercises, tips, and tricks to work through - which will come in handy as you unlock unhealed emotions.

Order this workbook today and get started on your path to enlightenment, inner healing, and self-care.