"I am Enough" Declaration & Affirmation Script

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“ God is within her, she will not fall.” ~ Psalm 46:5
Are you enough? The answer is “YES” 
In the "I am enough Declaration & Affirmation Script" you will know exactly what to say to yourself to remind yourself that you are ENOUGH.  Learn how to speak life into what you truly deserve and embrace your self-worth. The more you declare and affirm yourself, the more you are equipped inwardly to fight against unworthiness in your mind.
What you'll get:
📍An already done for you “I am enough,” Declaration & Affirmation Script. 📝
📍4 Actionable tools and tips that will assist in training your mind of worthiness and "I am enough" inner dialogue 🗣
📍7 Self - Reflection Questions that will help you dive deeper into your strengths and blessings 💃
**please note this is a digital download