I’ve discovered that I am fierce. I know my worth. 


Hey y'all and welcome! I am Brit Lashae, Author, Head Book Writing Coach, Founder, & CEO of Journey Written.

As a high achieving woman, growing up I became no stranger to the challenges of being a "perfectionist," "over-achiever," & "strong successful" woman going through life feeling like "The Queen of Suppression." I thought everyone had this picture of me that my life was "perfect" so I always quieted my story & what I been through. I struggled with vulnerability and believing that my story was worth being told. I decided something had to change. My journey started in 2017 when I started my inner healing journey from abuse, depression, anxiety, guilt, and perfectionism.

I know firsthand how life-changing choosing to heal and taking the steps to be the best version of yourself can be, which is why I’ve spent the past few years helping hundreds of women start their inner healing journey and elevate their mindset through my positive affirmations, my books & workbooks, and me just sharing my personal story.

In 2019 God called me to write my first workbook, Triggered. This workbook provided me an opportunity to package how I was able to understand my Triggers and share my process with other women. In 2020, I was called to write my memoir & guided journal, Journey Written, which takes my readers through my Faith, Obedience, & Execution journey and allows my readers to also do the work. In 2020, I also launched my company Journey Written

I am excited to support and guide other female founders on how to package up their stories & testimony to create a reader experience that is unmatched.

I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and tools on my inner healing journey and I pray that the books, workbooks, and overall inspirational products that I have on my site are a blessing to you.

I am a woman who has learned and is still learning the value of wholeness, peace, rest, and freedom.

Welcome to my site!


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