I’ve discovered that I am fierce. I know my worth. 


Hey y'all and welcome! I am Brit Lashae Author & Book Writing Coach.

As a high achieving woman, growing up I became no stranger to the challenges of being a "perfectionist," "over-achiever," & "strong successful" woman going through life feeling like "The Queen of Suppression." I thought everyone had this picture of me that my life was "perfect" so I always quieted my story & what I been through. I struggled with vulnerability and believing that my story was worth being told. I decided something had to change. My journey started in 2017 when I started my inner healing journey from abuse, depression, anxiety, guilt, and perfectionism.

In 2018, I wrote my first book and in 2019 God called me to write my first workbook, Triggered. This workbook provided me an opportunity to package how I was able to understand my Triggers and share my process with other women. In 2020, I was called to write my first memoir, Journey Written, which takes my readers through my Faith, Obedience, & Execution journey and allows my readers to also do the work. Also in 2020, I was called to transition and pivot to become a book-writing coach for women ready to write their story and testimony into a published book. 

As a book-writing coach, I help women put their first words onto paper, organize their ideas, thoughts, & experiences so that they write with ease and direction, and most importantly support them in executing the vision they they have of their book. I am excited to support and guide other women on how to package up their stories & testimony to create a reader experience that is unmatched.  I have a passion for letting women know that their story is worth being TOLD and their healing and self-growth to be celebrated!

I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and tools on my inner healing journey and I pray that my book-writing services, the books, workbooks, and overall inspirational products that I have on my site are a blessing to you.

I am a woman who has learned and is still learning the value of wholeness, peace, rest, and freedom.

Welcome to my site!


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