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Superb customer service!
Experience was awesome!!! Thank you BnPowered! This t-shirt speaks volumes for the ones of us that are “Beautifully Broken”. ~ Anonymous

I love the Armor of Words Book and affirmation cards! I have decreased my anxiety by reading my affirmations throughout the day and starting my day with a workout. I have already recommended this to many friends My favorite affirmation was about giving thanks and being grateful because sometimes I forget to count my blessings and to focus on what I already have. ~ Deronda S

I bought them Armor of Words Book and Affirmation Cards as an Easter gift for my daughters. I loved the entire concept. I do believe words are power. This is another resource in the arsenal of positive thinking returns positive results. ~ Mary Krahe

I LOVE the Armor of Words book and cards. They provide daily reminders to love yourself and be positive. When you start your day with such inspiration it helps make routine stressors a lot easier to handle. The mini workouts are an added bonus and have become part of my morning ritual before work. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend! I can't pick one affirmation that I love because they're all great! ~ Amanda S.


Armor of Words book has given me a different mindset in how I go about my day. It provides a positive light that was needed in my life to affirm how I want to move forward in 2018. I would definitely recommend to a friend. "Have Faith in You"...affirms the reasoning on how can others have faith in me if I don't have faith in myself...self-awareness. ~ CC

Hey Brit, God is so good and true. He’s always sending a ram in the bush (YOU) when I’m going through no lie. I said some things today, this morning out of my mouth and here you come with this email telling me to affirm basically positive & good things!! So again as always thank you SOOOO much. For opening up my eye at the moment when they are closed. ~ Mary

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I don’t think you realize how much your words have impacted my thought process this morning in a positive way. I’m getting rid of negative thoughts and unhealthy relationships. I really needed to hear that. Thank you truly. I hope you have a productive week. ~ K. Nicole

Good morning Brit, Oh my goodness, you are right on time with this message this morning!!  I just had an emotional conversation with my mother this morning about the fact that I often go above and beyond for people time and time again even when they let me down over and over.  So today, I'm letting go of people who don't support me and who aren't there for me like I am for them. I'm welcoming in strength and by that I mean, having the strength to say no more - I can no longer let people use me up and discard me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a blessed week! ~ M. Johnson

Heyyy Brit!! I just want to say thank for what you’re doing! It’s obvious that I’m not the only one who NEEDS these positive affirmations! You’re such a blessing and I pray that God continues to use you!! It’s Spiritual Warfare and I need alllllllll my tools for this!! Kind Regards,Ayesha 

Thank you so much for the Triggers exercise because it made me realize alot about me not wanting to be lonely. Identifying where the core of the issue laid, it help me to start to really do some self reflections and know that "I am ok"! I have been really struggling with healing and coming to peace with being alone and being happy with myself, until I received your affirmations! They really help me on days when I just be questioning why I am feeling this way? And they just give me life and push on a good day! Thank you so much!  ~ Melody

Hey Ms. Brit Lashae, Just wanted to thank you for allowing the lord to use your gifts and spreading positivity into the world. You really help and inspire a lot of people (including myself) and I truly appreciate it. I continue to pray for your success and hope you have a great holiday weekend. Much love always, Sam Poetry.

Thank you for this positive note, am going through a break up right now from a 3years relationship, I feel so used and cheated upon, but your words are a reminder that I am enough by myself with God on my side. Painful but will keep pushing till I am whole again. ~ F.O.

This is definitely what I needed today!  I've been struggling with my self-esteem lately but continue to push forward through the storm.  These affirmations are key and I'm working to put into practice reciting them daily, hourly, and whenever I feel stressed lol but my goal is to have less of me and more of him.  Thank you for your obedience to the call and pray that you stay blessed, Woman of God! ~ A. Wilson

Hey Brit!  I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and to tell you what an influence you have been.  When I came across your page, I had no clue I’d be given help. I’m so glad for the “accidents” that the Lord allows.  I’m 45 and dealing with anger and aggression but no where near the magnitude that I had. I just recently had a setback but even in that, I recovered much more quickly than I would have allowed myself.  I remembered the swift kicks my family gives and I remembered you...our talks and your lessons given to help those who feel like they can’t be helped. There are days that I do not want the help and wish to wallow.  But even from your day one lesson, I had awesome growth. Why switch back? Why stunt my own growth? To do so would be unacceptable. I thank you for allowing the Lord to put you where He has. Instagram has proven to be a help in more ways than one.  Know that the day you set your account in place, you’d be helping a woman work on her deepest darkest untouchable issues. ~ Chokol

This is really good stuff.  I never really thought alot about triggers but I definitely have some stemming from my mom and I’s relationship.  It’s being told what to do. I didn’t realize it until I moved out and spent the night recently and she told me something to do relating to my daughter and I reacted with a quick response but I felt the anxiety in my body too and knew it triggered me.  It was good to recognize that. Now I’ll be able to deal better. Thank you for Triggered.  ~ Terri S.