You have a story and testimony that can transform lives.

The trouble is you have no idea where to start to align your story, thoughts, and vision of your book together as one. You know you can do it, you know the time is NOW, and you know you are READY to take action. But, not knowing how to organize your story and piece together everything that's in your head onto paper is a bit overwhelming.

At this point, you’re feeling stuck & a little uncomfortable because you don’t want to miss out on the impact you know you have been called to make through your story. You know it’s your time and that you’ve been chosen to do this.

Trust me, I get it!

  • I know you are ready to:

    - Write your story & testimony into a book
    - Make an impact and leave a legacy with a story that outlives you
    - Hold the book that you know God has put in your heart and spirit to release
    - Be confident in knowing that you have not missed out on impacting someone else's life by your courage in sharing your journey

    You know now is the time to share your powerful story, because women like you are waiting to read and be inspired by your testimony.

Your voice matters. Your Story matters. Your testimony will inspire others. I work with women who are ready to break their silence and release their testimony to the world!

Let's work together & bring your entire book project to life!

The Book-Writing Experience

An intimate & private 9-week book-writing accelerator & group coaching program for the woman READY to write her story & testimony into a book. We will work together to put your first and last words onto paper, organize your thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and write your book through my 4-phase book-writing framework. This program is full of community, support, & accountability to get your book written. 

Included in the Package: 

(9) Group Book-Writing Coaching Sessions

Weekly accountability + Weekly Writing Feedback and Support

Creation of a writing schedule that aligns with your life and boundaries

Completion of your entire book project & vision so that it is ready to go through the publishing process

Private Community

  • My client’s life when they work with me

    • Feeling fulfilled, proud, and excited that her vision and testimony are coming to life
    • Feeling at ease that she has accountability, guidance, support, and a step-by-step process to get her book fully written
    • Feeling at peace with her investment
  • My client’s life when they don’t work with me

    • Still feeling uncomfortable and like a void is missing from her life
    • Overwhelmed and stuck on the next steps of her book-writing journey
    • Wasting time researching & prolonging the launch of her book
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  • Be your Thought Partner, Cheerleader, & Mentor

    By being your accountability partner, providing feedback, and helping you defeat procrastination.

  • Support you in Clarity & Momentum

    By providing clear direction, structure, and focus.

  • Provide Organization

    By breaking down your book into doable actionable steps so you always have a next step.